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Aloe Vera

With over 150 nutritional ingredients, Aloe Vera is one of the most powerful medicinal plants still utilized in the world today.

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Quality is the pinnacle value around which all our processes & principles are centred, ensuring the highest standard of cultivation, harvesting & production of our Aloe Vera.

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Green Philosophy

We care deeply about the health of our people and our environment since we know that happiness begins with good health.

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Aloway Natural Health Products

ALOWAY NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS is an experienced cultivator, processor & exporter of  ALOE VERA (Aloe Barbadensis) Raw Material Ingredients, in various grades & concentrations.Our service includes flexible, technically designed offerings of tailor-made product solutions, specific to our client’s individual industry requirements, including Personal Care, Neutra & Pharmaceutical, Herbal Remedy, Food & Beverage, Animal Health and Supplements.

With reliable sales & distributor offices located across Europe, Africa & Asia, our clients can choose from a wide variety of products, while being assured of quick turnaround times, professional service and personalised assistance.

Our 40 hectare plantation & on-site factory are located in the fertile rural lands of the Limpopo province in South Africa. Geographically this allows for optimal climatic conditions for GAP Organic cultivation, utilising only organic fertilisers – guaranteed pesticide, herbicide & germicide free. Manual harvesting methods and precision Dutch engineered manufacturing procedures ensure premium quality products, containing the highest possible bioactive (Aloverose) polysaccharide levels. Products undergo independent NMR Spectroscopy analysis by recognised German laboratories, confirming highest quality standard compliance, worldwide. Aloway Organic products are certified NOP, Ecocert (www.ecocert.com), Kosher & Halal, and ACSA certified.

Aloway is committed to supporting the social upliftment & economical development of local communities. By promoting job creation, education and training Aloway is endeavouring to promote & establish a new, self-sustaining, economically independent agricultural industry in South Africa. Creating awareness and inspiring hope for healthy futures is key to our dynamic company’s philosophy.


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Aloe Vera Organic Cultivation & Production

In the heart of South Africa, far away from the hustle and bustle of urban society lie the serene fertile lands of the rural Limpopo province. In this tranquil natural environment, the best Aloe Vera plants are ORGANICALLY CULTIVATED  at the base of the majestic “Soutpansberg” mountain range.